In the world in some cities you can get money using static teleporters that are in these cities::

Blue portals

In the new barter ground in sin city and you can find pharmalogic blue scrolls portals. To use these scrolls, you need to find a special terminal (usually near the antenna) and to register the signal on this frequency.
Then quietly in pustosh open the portal and take place in this city
Exception: you cannot open a portal in the city or databases
Other players or NPCs can't pass through this portal and no denote far it goes.

Red portals

In barter ground is sold the Amulet space, which is shared with the analyzer location:
Analyzer location a recorded the coordinates of the portal:
And Amulet space open the portal:
Through these portals can place NPCs in wasteland. So far, only the strongest PS - Enclave, fanatics and mutants