Farm location for weak players(taken from Fargus in the new barter ground)

Farm location for stronger players need !!Level 24!!(taken in the den, a Paladin BS)

Big farm location

Big farm location (it will take several hours to clean it up. ) - Designed for several organizations - the Composition of 57 maps connected together.
This means that 57 farm cards in one.
Here NPTS and weak and very strong. And people and mutants and enclave and brotherhood.  Some cards taken from the Internet and converted, a part of me made.
The goal of farm locations is to find the main boss (the Master from Fallout 1). He is also in his hideout with his mutant minions.

Entry #1: through the use of devices found in the garbage or farm location

his use opens portal in City of sadul farm locations - find chief boss (Master from 1 Fallout). He is also in his hideout with his mutant minions.:

Entrance №2: On the global map entrance to the Cathedral (where you can order a car):

Entrance #3: Via Navarro.

Usual farm locations: