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The number of mercenaries depends on the natural values of charisma. Ie, if 1 charisma eat a mentat, it will still be 1 merc.

Rope on a living NPC. He immediately stops attacking.

Control (first you need to enter into control mode) - CTRL + X.  the coordinates will appear near the cursor.

9 -to stop attacking and go to specific coordinates (MouseX,MouseY)
0 - attack(need to point the mouse cursor on the target).
Y- to trade items with NPC (if the NPC is far away, it just come to you).
U - to looting the corpses. A bit of bad ends. Need to be alternated with 9. Pressed U (took stuff from the corpse), and then 9 again
T -to change into the armor and to take up arms ALL MERCENARIES
J - to send a single mercenary, and press. To change and to take up arms hired one
H - to send a single mercenary, and press. Treatment with stimulators (or SuperStimulator)
ALT+ H -to be treated all the mercenaries at once. Treatment with stimulators (or SuperStimulator)

Also to distinguish a mercenary from the NPC. You can use the backlight:
In the settings menu on the TAB button and there are button:

1) MercTriangle - illuminated triangle under the merc(slave)
2) MercLines - highlighting a line from Merck(slave) to the player(owner)
3) MColorLines - the color of the line merc(slave) to the player(host)(different every time)
4) MColorTriangle - the color of the triangle under the mark(slave)

When Merck replenished, come to the place where they were taken. Together with clothes and armor clad
If the card with which they took - is not present, then things together with merc removed from the game
Measurement can undermine and then things from the inventory will fall to the ground and merc will be without things replacerules

The mercenary himself treated

Merc can act as a mediator between the players. You can put in merc thing and put a window in BG. And then Merck will be the seller who sells the loot just for the money

Leave the merc to your left, you can only NewBarterGround or on the global map. Otherwise it will absorb the Heath). The time of the cancellation no. So merc could be yours indefinitely

The types of mercenaries