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Here will be all updates on server.



Today 09/09/2016

1) + 1% to search for better weapons and armor (from 3% to 4% for weapons and from 5% to 6% for armor) (at military bases when ordering a car)
2) Portals-> now a greater number of NPCs can enter the portal, and also those who have entered the portal will attack everyone except their team.
3) There was a bug when you find a location with a cave in the wasteland, and traders or other non-enemy NPS are in location, then when you enter the cave and exit it, they start attacking, or the same thing happened to the mercenaries.
4) When you press the button to throw everything on the global, then a message appears, agreeing to delete things
5) There is more money in the world (to fall from the Enclave, the Mutants, the Fanatics, the Brotherhood of Steel, as well as the delivery of loot to the NKR has returned to its past state). From this price jumped at times! Removed a lot of weapons from the store (farm), the engine went up and the parts for the Turbo Plasma Installation. Bases have become more expensive.

6) Best aiming to attack mercenaries. (Ctrl + Z in mercenary management mode.
  (ctrl + x) includes a circle in which mercenaries search for any target in a given circle and attack it (they cannot attack)
7) The aiming itself has also changed. Now you can attack and moving targets without problems
8) When entering the global map, the mercenaries immediately enter the group to the player, regardless of whether they are attacked or attacked, etc.
9) You can now put the mercenaries to attack ONLY PLAYERS



Today: 2016-09-18

1) Different traps for Fallen in the city of sins:
1.1 - Trap - stretching (in the form of a suitcase)
1.2 - Fake traps in the form of armor, weapons

2) NPS removed from D2 to farm locations on the second floor (in the city of sins)
3) APA MK3 does not fall, and all the other armor on the turn - there was a small chance
4) Mercenaries: now all unknown mercenaries, who do not have a map for replication, are replicated in the city of sins!
5) Light Hand Perks and Energetik moved from level 12 to 9
6) A mercenary can not attack the owner
7) The game interface now shows the number of stimulants, a super stimulator and a hypo. To immediately see how much is left in their inventory
8) Something else. Write later



Today: 2017-03-09

A fractional system will be supplied. It will be:
1) The experience of the murder will be transferred to "their".
2) Mercenaries will be highlighted by "their" from the faction
3) The faction name will appear in the player's nickname
4) As far as thinking out, maybe some ideas will appear, then it will be additionally done
5) It will cost only 5m, it is done so that they do not often create factions. Although you enter the name of the factions yourself, they pass the moderation so that the same factions are not created.
There will also be reduced the number of mercenaries to 1 for each character
6) PRICE purchase fractions - increased

Later done:
0) Find out about buying on the farm will now cost 150.000. And the player must be in a faction.
1) Fractional system has changed. Statistics appeared the best factions and your faction. Everyone will have to recreate the faction. I will help
2) A new seller will appear in Purgatori. The girl trades Black CA and BoS CA, as well as Browning m2, manual automatic grenade, Alien blaster and other weapons sometimes come across. All just for the money.
3) Cain will be able to buy Browning m2 and Browning m2 increased store and power
4) An opportunity to park your car in Purgatory (4 places)
5) Alien blaster increased its power
6) Claws for crafting PBB are no longer sold by 1 piece. Sale in Purgatory and in the church of Brok
7) Dressing mantles over armor
8) Remove from the player’s faction from the menu. Even if the player is anywhere

Updates delivered



Today: 2017-04-02

In soon updates (maybe next week):
1) Display current volume. Also the volumes of the boxes are reduced, so that it makes sense to craft them and put them on the bases
2) The PutAll button now works fine! She also works with a backpack!
3) On button 7 (science), you can twist boxes that were created or mined
4) 4 minutes after opening the container, it closes
5) Now on 3 (theft) is closing the box
6) The box is now open if you do not need to use theft to view its contents, but simply by pressing
7) The box can be lifted if there is no loot in it.
8) Using the repair on the box menu appears-delete or raise

1) Now you can close the lock simply by using the door opener.
2) The door will close on the hacking skill of the one who closed it.
3) Lock keys do not add a closing bonus.
4) The one who closed the door with this method. Can open it with science (7)
5) Automatic closing of doors in 1-2 minutes after opening

Farm location:
The farm entrance is located in the city of sins from three sides:
1) Cathedral
2) As usual, through the portal, for which the amulet is taken on the 4th floor maripoza
3) Via elevator in Navarro
The location consists of 57 cards - this is not the limit for further updates.
Also at the end appeared the Master (master) of all the super mutants - he is strong, also the boxes are moved to his room.

At the farm location at the airport will be a helicopter. You approach him and hostile enclaves come out of it, and a box with loot appears. Only in it will it be possible to find plans for controlling the Vertiberd. Later, these plans are in Navarro and bought a vertiberd for 8 000 000. In addition to the plans, there are some rare things that come across here.
The purchased vertiberd is difficult to crack. If you arrive at Barter Ground, you can safely go shopping, and returning to the Vertiberd. Even if he was forced to multi and quietly hacked. You can use the key near it, and you fly away calmly.
Also for the owner of the Vertiberd, you can use the Vertiberd without a key. (although it will not be possible to fly away, as described above)
Flashlights, flower pots, furniture - all this will be sold for coins in the Purgatory, and even more will appear on the farm location, which is higher
Also at death - the backpack falls out of the body
Damage will be highlighted. Red - for you. White for any other player
1) Because it became possible to lock the doors, then it became possible to make oneself heartburn or, more precisely, commit suicide. Commands are ~dead and ~suicide. A message appears confirming suicide.
2) Opening the backpack on the "L" button

Skive scavenging - getting things out of the trash
It will replace some gaming features. More on this later (because it is not replaced yet)
In the inventory: now you can throw out things by holding the Shift button and poking at the thing

Order a car, but Vertiberd arrives. Bag with loot from one of the Enclave. Increased chance of dropping good things.

* Craft piece of iron and powder one to one.
Iron is ore
Gunpowder - Minerals
Their extraction is possible - with a sledgehammer. The more you mine, the more you can knock out from one pile of stones. (Perk increases)

* Since the perk Scavenging appeared, with the help of which loot is collected in large volumes, it is now profitable to sell it
In Barter Ground, the choice of loot for change is increased = for money and experience:
One of these days I will finish the farm location and then there will be an update (of all the above, only the farm location is not ready)
There will also be additions of something else.



Today: 2017-04-22

1. Improved scavenging
2. Doors if you close the lock, then the lock is reset after 5 minutes.
3.If the door is open, then if 5 minutes have passed, then after closing the door, the door will be locked for another 10 seconds.
4. The name of the experience of the factions
5. Added new maps taken from classic Goon Haven
6. Cards with ore, minerals
7. The packing of things in containers and a bag is removed, more of their possibilities (through Shift + pressing the cursor), otherwise it was possible to cram an infinite amount

Later added:

Soon update:
1) Lightweight craft. Extra parts were removed from many conventional armor as well as Mr. Perk repair.
Also added craft craft (difficult, but possible, as an alternative to mining)
Also added Kraft piece of iron and gunpowder on 2,3,4pcs
Changed craft 5mm cartridges. It became easier. As with many others, it became less demanding repair, science
2) The inscription 5555 is removed when using the scene object

Later added:
Tomorrow in the update will be:
1) Through the shift to add, and take things from the dead (NPC, player) (similar containers)
2) Robots around the sierra (dangerous!)
3) Backpack. Volume increased 2 times
4) Super stimulants removed volume
5) Some things have reduced volume

Later added:
Work on the volume.
Will be removed from the volume of drugs. It is always a lot.
Some things are also reduced.
Books will also be removed volume. Of course, they give voluminous knowledge, but not by the same amount (maybe later I will make the volume, but with the ability to store on the bookshelves a lot)

Later added:
(removal of loot from BG every 3-6 minutes. (only bad loot), good things will not be removed. Containers are also not removed. In addition, flower pots will not fall into scavenging)

All the furniture, flags, flowers of the pots cease to be stackable (that is, they cannot be grouped into one item in the inventory).
If you have such things in a container, then if you do not put them on the floor, or in separate containers, they will all turn into one. This is due to the load. Later will be fixed. No time to make a script for them.

Also, updating resources is only for locations that are not deleted when you exit it.

Fixing things is now possible right on the hex. Repair on thing

Disabled movement of objects through Shift (there was a bug).
There was another bug, it’s a pity that people used and didn’t unsubscribe, it would have been fixed a long time ago, and now it’s fixed: the resources on the global map are not updated until you reboot the server (Scavenging)



Today: 2017-08-25

======= BASE =========
Only on new bases:
Registration on the bases - list of residents

On all bases:
- The owner of the base is the one who first comes to the terminal.
- Extract characters who are offline.
- If everyone makes the access level less than 4 (master), then he will become the master and get 4 access level - the first one to go to the terminal. A little later, it will be possible to use the Russian alphabet in the database. So far, only id is shown for them (I just need to restart the server)
- For the time being, the statement does not remove traces of portals; this will be added later. As well as the ability to install a portal point on the base where it is not registered

====== Portals ========
Portal changed the picture. Also members from your faction can enter the portal. Your portals are highlighted by [your nickname].
Fractional Friends Portals: [fraction]
Other portals are highlighted with question marks: [???]
====== Sierra =======
Removed Hammer's order for a while.
You can loot the bag at the dead Enclave (but also disappear with time)
Boxes that do not fly away in the building under the onslaught of the Vertiberd



Today: 2017-08-27
1) Nicknames online no longer confused.
2) Mantle can be put on again
3) The Russian language has earned (as it said after a reboot) in the list of registered on the bases



Today: 2017-11-24

+ coordinates of the starting location (bg) changed
+ Loot from trash from level 1000 and further there is nothing new (armor, ananias boxes)
+ Frequency of loss of motors in farm locations to remove.
+ A locker appeared next to it with a 4% chance that there might be a motor there (Boss at the farm location)
+ removed perk MrFixit from Kraft (Kraft simplified)
+ Kraft engine simplified
+ Incendiary cartridges were removed from crafting on a hand-held automatic grenade, 20 damage was added to it, except for explosive ones
+ added new mantles to craft
+ Fixed some script errors (in principle, do not affect the game)
+ fractional value lowered from 20 million to 8 million

It remains to be:
+ -to finish painting cars (take with Goon Haven classic) - add to sale in Purgatory
+ -titan removed, will later appear in the craft
-check trait mutation
-to make mutant power armor
-to make a mutant riveting with a device under the second minigun
-add to the world for more regenerating minerals \ ore
-fractions remove launch from client launch (make text change through layer)



Today: 2017-11-25

+ City portal scrolls renamed to space warping device + description added
+ spiders removed
+ removed fallen from the city of sins
+ the city of sins was renamed the city garden and its description was corrected
+ a doctor has been added to the city garden
+ when receiving a level from the nearest player, now it does not show that he has received a level from another. Therefore, now that there is a perk of awareness, you cannot see the level of the character.
+ teleport hunters renamed to Dark Hunters
+ Russification of some moments of the game

-We need a lot of text, change the NPC for a more beautiful look in the style of Fallout, but do not forget about the future (the plants could not die because of some kind of nuclear disaster)
+ remove immortality from merchants in cities (it was done long ago when they were measured)
+ when opening the device of movement - received on maripoza, I need to rename the message on opening
+ need to do automatic removal of manual aiming



Today: 2017-11-26

1) The treating mutation is slightly modified (2 powers)
2) Subway added to New Reno
3) Dialogues corrected about the price of fractions
4) True scripts, for convenience, and taking away too much
5) Radio - now print your nickname in the chat you need to add "/" to the beginning of the message. For example: / Hello how are you? . In such cases, a message will appear: YourNick: Hello, how are you?



Today: 2017-11-27

1. Fixed and optimized a lot of code on the NPC, removed too much, so the damage slightly changed to the NPC. (mutants, fanatics)
2. Now there is a driver on replications
3.Changed metro

4. Withdrawing money if you clicked the location button in the subway, where you are already
5. measurements (old games, such as the quest in the Federation Council, or Markus Escort, etc.) - now they do not lose the dialogue, after death and work as expected

It was:
Buying +50 wanderers
Purchase + 50kg weight
It became:
Buying perk survivability (you can take a perk before this)
Buying perk packing (you can take a perk before this)

7. Quest Sid and Nancy - now works.
8. Chrome Shrim. for the quest + 1od, stands with other guards near the tent in the inner city (city of refuge). Quest works. Just checked
9.In-game calculator during registration (test).
10. Max level = 36. So far, without limiting the division of experience

Before starting the session done:
1. Now it is impossible to open portals in the calculator.
2. Changes in health - immediately visible
3. Taken from the old GH -> showing how much health has increased (green numbers + xn above the character)

4. Experience divider from level
if (level == 25) exp / = 3;
if (level == 26) exp / = 8;
if (level == 27) exp / = 12;
if (level == 28) exp / = 18;
if (level == 29) exp / = 25;
if (level == 30) exp / = 35;
if (level == 31) exp / = 45;
if (level == 32) exp / = 57;
if (level == 33) exp / = 89;
if (level == 34) exp / = 100;
if (level == 35) exp / = 120;
if (level> = 36) exp / = 150;



Today: 2017-11-30

1) Now when creating a meeting on the global.
There is a 1 in 7 chance that a meeting with another player in this cell will fall.
And also a 100% chance to find people from your faction

2) Editing LevelCap text (now after level 36)

3) Craft armor mutants

4) Updated the cave map to Broken Hills and added minerals, ore, etc. The map of the new Barter Ground has also been updated. It also added stones, garbage

5) Now on the global map:
pressing shift + thing -> there will be a question - Delete item ?.
Also, if you hold down Ctrl + Alt + also click on the item with binoculars, then it will leave without question

6) Perk optimization -> now -1 Action Point for reloading

7) Repeat attack and hex corrected. Also replay attacks are now possible without weapons.

8) Prescribed on the bases, do not touch the turrets!



Today: 2017-12-01

1) In Purgatory and other places on the locks.
Now after rebooting the server, in the places where the door was locked,
the lock will be removed anyway after 5 minutes

2) Scoring corrected, added new loot at every 100 level,
and also at the 1000 level many new things are added



Today: 2017-12-01

1. Fixed coordinates for portals in NKR
2. All mutants are now mutants again)
3. Changed decraft. Now the thing you are using is being deleted, and not the same type.)
4. Corrected the dialogue with the merchant in the city garden



Today: 2017-12-03

1. Bonuses in the craft of armor mutants
2. Lightweight (some) craft mutant armor (only leather jackets)
3. Craft - in 1 sec.
4. Write in chat ~decrafthex or ~ dcraft - to craft all things underfoot
5. Reduced distance from 5 to 2, for installation of various decorations,
lockers from the place of a special hex. (for example, the hex of the entrance to the card)
This will allow in large places to put lockers, bags.
6. Added drug crafting (taken from GH classic)
7. Correction of some shortcomings



Today: 2017-12-03

1. Timeout for closing the door to the lock (hacking skill on the door), the player who closed it = 1 minute. The lock itself still hangs 5 minutes
2. Electronic lock for lockers - sold in Purgatory for money, the merchant will appear during the update of his things (this merchant has 4-24 real-hour updates)
3. "The factory in BrokenHills, ceased to produce super sledgehammers." That's why its price jumped.
4. Ended action - wear free green pajamas with Marty
5. The sounds of doors and containers (more will change)



Today: 2017-12-04

1. new mantles can be improved
2. Crafter names added for crafting
3. The amount of waste delivered is increased. Changed the dialogue (tools, axes, sledgehammer - moved to a separate branch), so as not to sell spontaneously
4. Scavenging - changes, amendments, supplements. Non-stackable loot now does not fall more than three



Today: 2017-12-06

1) The opportunity to put an electronic lock on the car.
But first, this car needs to repair the body. The cost of body repair at T-Ray - 5.000.000 money
Hacking such a machine can be the same as in the purchased Vertiberd,
Only the difference is not in the plans of controllability, which are necessary for the vertiberd, but in the electronic master keys, which should lie in the main slot. The timeout for each hack is slightly higher.
That is, to break it is necessary to have 300 hacking + electronic master key.
7 successful hacks = the car was stolen and changed the owner, but the lock does not change. (Procedure about 5 minutes) It can be changed by the new owner of the car

2) In the red transitions (portals), now everyone can enter. Even who did not use the device to save coordinates
3) 2 new armor (Mutant's power armor and mutant riveted armor)
4) Now, with the window open (Talking), when registering, checking out and so on, you cannot open the backpack on L
5) Things on BG that are not deleted are now moved to one box on the map
6) Removing things from BG every - 16 minutes (instead of 3)
7) Mr. Hendy is a robot cleaner. Several pieces are placed in the BG and one in Redding.
8) When breaking into containers or the trunk of a car (which is the same thing), you can now move objects through the shift. Previously, no data was entered, and instead of this container, the last open one was opened normally, but it was impossible to move



Today: 2017-12-06

Paint outside the base is temporarily on.
Because there were reloads and someone did not know, I can open a portal in the city garden (if necessary)



Today: 2017-12-07

In the next update
1) Now, if there is no access 3 and above on the base, then you can not touch the furniture, cabinets, etc.
2) Now, the volume of the bag (which you can loot, fold) of the killed player \ NPC to move by Shift + Click = 500. Now, through the Shift, you can add / lose the dead. The usual movement only by weight that a dead person could carry would have been alive.
3) The car can be painted only by the owner of the car (have a key or a combination lock so that it is configured for it)
4) If there is a timeout for the use of super stimulants, hippos, as well as the use of a medic, a doctor, then the animation of the application is not played and action points are not taken away
5) The banks are now closed boxes, after your departure
6) Registration in the faction is now possible by Player Name or Id
7) At the farm location in the Den - increased the amount of the same loot - 2 times. Of the supplements, only - 1 out of 4 is a chance for an electronic lock in the main drawer.



Today: 2017-12-09

1) You can not kill in New Barter Ground. Theft *, explosives, attack - punishable. Who died by chance - will come to life without loosing a loot, a backpack, and his teleport on the global. Otherwise, if you tried to rob, and so on - replication in the old manner (theft remains the same)
+ Commands ~suicide and ~dead can quickly teleport to the global(onlye New Barter Ground)
2) Throw out money through shift - you can throw out more than 99999 at a time more. The principle is:
a) Suppose there is a sum of 10.000.000
b) Push the shift and binoculars on it. The input menu will be displayed.
c) If you enter a number - any type of integer (the minus sign does not understand), then it is this amount that will come out. If you enter 0999, then 999 will be released. If you enter a larger number, then the whole amount will be released. If you enter any letter or character, the whole amount will also be released.



(Dominus say)
Hello. I am the new administrator of this server. I was a week without the Internet, and when I came, I learned that there were rumors about the sale of the privileges of a tester and administrator. Many people know me, some do not, but I assure you that neither I nor the Hotrin administrator will distribute things, character parameters, and especially privileges.
In the Old Barter Ground, it is possible to kill with a hex weapon, but others cannot. The players who killed and talked about the privileges were fired from the hex weapon, because the guards did not attack them. Privileges are only for those people who are in the faction "Admnistrator". Nicknames in the game "Dominus" and "Admin".
Thank you with respect Dominus. All happiness and more level Scavenging!



(Hotrin say)
What only garbage you will not hear from people. I don’t need someone else’s money from the server if that, and even more so why should I give someone any privileges?
I am a completely wealthy person who has a salary of 65,000 money. And why should I sell some testers, admin panels, knowing that this will lead to the death of the project?

I read the conversation, and I realized that we are talking about the old BG, where the gohex attack is allowed. Who was led - that is just a strange person. On the Old BG hex attack has been working since 2014, and at each session I still remember the snakes killed, and still different people. I remember the gohex attack and they killed me there when I tested under anonymous letter. When you kill with a gohex attack, the guard does not respond. And when you kill directly, it reacts. I have never met the highest degree of stupidity. They threw you like children.



Today: 2018-07-23

Update today. Installed
1) Prohibiting the installation of eggs in a missile mine (Verification required)
2) Those NPCs that go through the red portals and will not die on their initial map - are deleted after 30-60 minutes (so that the cities are not filled with them)
3) Elephantfish - from 10 to 7 Action Points use (as it was)
4) The prohibition of installing locks on BG. In this regard, I will reload the map the other day. If someone needs something there - Take it)



Today: 2018-07-24

1) The chance of dropping things in a big farm location is amused
2) Decoration prices - jumped
3) The price of the lock with a key is lowered, and the price for an electronic lock is increased.
4) NPCs can no longer loot the scenery - on personal bases. Now the base is protected from looting by NPC
5) Prohibit the use of red portals on the base, without an access level greater than 1
6) A new item has appeared - False Space Disintegrator. Sold in Purgatory for money
Which can close the red portals that are in the wasteland.
On the personal bases only the owner can close (4 access level)
And also can be used as a normal key to auto, moto
Now you can open red portals to your personal databases without fear



Today: 2018-07-26

Update today. Established.
1) A new item - a trap set on any weapon, armor.
use is simple. Install. Skill science can raise the trap, use as usual.
If you are killed, then you can pick up this item only, or a miner who clears the item.
If you try to take this item - it explodes and deals powerful damage (the item is removed).
Also, the owner - sees the inscription on the subject that he is trapped. And the master can with any trap skill - take it off
To remove the trap The formula is approximately as follows:
If there is a demolition expert, then if (Random (1,342-40-trapsSkill) == 1) then remove the trap.
If without a demolition expert, if (Random (1,342-trapsSkill) == 1) then remove the trap
2) Speed ​​painted cars - now as in conventional
3) Replication time at explosion - returned



Update #1: 1.8.2018
- In the New Barter-Ground every 30 minute things will not removed anymore, but move to the chest. Every 5 days (real) are removed. I did not change Robots, let them loot there for themselves.
- Corrected and translated dialogues for quest "Night Tender"(Modoc, +50 sneak) in the English version of the client
- Translated Vip Driver to English (on replication, which drives for 1000 money anywhere)



Update #1.1: 3.8.2018
- According to the complaints of the players returned the old chances of falling loot to a large farm location. The chances will change many times, but not at this session.



Update #1.2: 8.8.2018
- Added new items for selling in New Barter-Ground: Metal Armor mkII, TeslaArmor, Mutant Leather Armor, HK P90, Revolver, Revolver ext. magasine, Supersledge
- Added new items for selling in NKR: MetallShtorm, 40mm Grenade Launcher, Impulse Pistol and Impulse Rifle
- Added selling cars in New Reno
- Changed chance to drop motor in big farm location to 50%.
- Added universal screen where you can:
* See online players
* See statistics of your character and best players
* Wiki, where you can see information about server. Now it is not filled enough, but it will be.
* News. Stop finding news in groups and forums. See news in game.
* Daily quests. Every day each character has 4 quests from different categories: killing, stealing, crafting etc. Update in 24 real hours.


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