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Not quite translated game

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i have few simples where game is not fully translated in english

-Talking with smiley ( Gecko skinning perk and selling gecko pelts )

-Talking with Vic ( His daughter's quest , Trade )

-Talking with Torr

this is only few simples of not fully translated conversations with NPC's but good with education russian language



Need someone to engaged in the translation!



Basicly you need to look for someone who know russian and english perfectly , some sequences are from TLA MK II so if i will make guide it will be easy to give Conversation sequence
I think Hoires would be agree because he know russian and english and i played him long time if you have discord of course you can contact with him

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4   - Dialog Smiley  - Torr  -Vick

If anyone wants, you can transfer and back throw. Then I'll put it on the server


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